South Line Music
Producer: Kazuma Watanabe
Penguinfly · Reincarnation


This is a concept album with a total of 8 songs in a suite format based on the concept of “reincarnation. The 51-minute album is filled with lyrics and songs with a strong storyline set in space, taking the listener on a “journey of sound”.

All Music & Lyrics: Kazuma Watanabe
All Arrangements: Penguinfly

Vocal, Piano, Keyboads: Kazuma Watanabe
Drums: Koji Sasaki
Guitar: Ryuichi Yotsuya
Bass: Shuhei Somiya
Trumpet: Kenta Uwano
Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax: Tomokazu Yamagishi

Additional Musicians:
Backing Vocals: Ayagon
Trombone: Takuya GOKU Aarakawa

Recording Engineer: Kazuma Watanabe, StarWoods Recording(Drums Rec)
StudioRecorded at: Sengendai Studio, StarWoods Recording Studio(Drums Rec)
Mastered: Whereabouts Records Mastering
Artwork Design: Kazuma Watanabe (Robert Delaunay)